Ben Glaser was born in Austria in 1893.  He came to America in 1909 with the assistance of an uncle, Ike Glaser living in South Bend.

While living in South Bend, Ben was a peddler of fresh vegetables and fruits.  A few years later, Ben settled in Ligonier where he began to trade a variety of used items including car parts.  In 1917, he opened an automobile dealership where at first, he sold used cars.  Ben became a charter dealer for Pontiac in the late 1920’s.  By the time Ben retired in 1955, the dealership sold Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac.  Ben’s son, Joseph, took over the family business.

Ben was a member of the Ahavath Sholom congregation in Ligonier.  Ben married Ethel Wills in 1923.  They had two children, Joe and Betty.  Ben and family spent most of their time in Ligonier and resided at 504 South Main Street, which he purchased in 1935 from Will Cavin.  The house had been built by John Cavin who was the son of Isaac Cavin, Founder of Ligonier.

Ben was successful in assisting individuals of the community when he had the opportunity.  He purchased school lunch tickets for children of families who were unable to pay.  He often would seek out needy families and purchase clothing and shoes for the children.  Ben would also pay for milk and coal to be delivered to families in need.

Ben Glaser

Location: West 3rd Street
Artist: Jeff Haylett
Completed: 2008
Sponsors: Joseph Glazer Family