“Everybody loves Kidd’s” was the slogan for this company.  Albert Kidd started the business in Chicago in 1895. A small town environment was sought by the Kidd family and Ligonier was chosen. This business continued from three generations in Ligonier under the supervision of George, Robert and Charles Kidd. Noble County was the marshmallow capital of the world with both Kidd’s Marshmallow Company and marshmallow division of Kraft Foods located in Kendallville, also a Noble County business. Two-thirds of the nation’s marshmallows were made in Noble County.  Kidd’s provided marshmallows for 130 different store brands.  The Kidd’s business was expanded with a plant in Henderson, Nev. Kidd’s could make up to 30,000 pounds of marshmallows in a day.  At one time the plants in Indiana and Nevada made more marshmallows than any other company but Kraft.  Flavors of Kidd’s Marshmallows included Coconut Marshmallows, Smurfmallows, Martianmallows and even Penn State Nittany Lion Marshmallows.  Kidd’s made the world’s largest marshmallow in 1994.  It was four feet high, four feet across and weighed in at 671 pounds – more than a half-ton.

Kosher marshmallows were made in February each year when a Jewish Rabbi came to Ligonier from New York for a week to personally inspect and certify that the marshmallows were kosher; Kidd’s would produce 20,000 cases of kosher white and toasted coconut marshmallows all in that week.

The company offered self-guided tours where you could see the whole marshmallow production process. Guests received a bag of mini marshmallows. The annual celebration of Labor Day in Ligonier is the “Marshmallow Festival” where visitors receive packages of marshmallows although no longer labeled Kidd’s. Marshmallow Festival tee shirts can be purchased. There are bands, competitive events, rides, a parade, food and many other interesting displays and booths.

Kidd & Company

Location: Station Street
Artist: Beth Ivanov
Completed: 2008
Sponsors: Charles and Chloe Kidd