This mural is a collage of downtown stores from the late 1800s to early 1900’s.  The stores are not in the sequence as they were on Cavin Street. These stores were chosen because there were pictures available.  In order from left to right:

 WEAVER HARDWARE owned by Albert Weaver and later by his son ElmoWeaver.  It included two store fronts one for the hardware and one for gift items.

 SCHLOTTERBACK GROCERY owned by Melvin & Mary Schlotterback. This grocery as well as some other independent stores delivered to homes. To all the school-age children, it was their candy store.

HOTEL GOLDSMITH was originally built in 1874 under another name then renovated in 1895 with a new Palace Queen Furnace of the largest size; new plumbing and bathrooms along with a double steel range in the kitchen and a first class cook making it one of the neatest and best hotels of its size in Indiana.  From 1914 to 1935, the Ligonier Post Office was in the north entrance with George Galey and William Milner as postmasters.

W. A. BROWN FUNERAL HOME was owned by Mr. Brown and son Seeley. The hearse was pulled by a white horse covered with black netting.  They also operated a furniture store in the same building. They were located on the corner of 2nd Street and Cavin Street.

SOLOMON MIER BANKING COMPANY was started by Solomon Mier.  It was sometimes called The Banking House of Solomon Mier. It was located at 310 S. Cavin Street and was later occupied by Franks Sporting Goods. The marble walls are still intact inside and the polished red granite pillar outside is very impressive.

THE CITIZENS BANK was owned by the Straus family and later when the Mier and Citizens Bank combined in 1928, it became the American State Bank.

SOLLIE KAHN’S DRY GOODS was a popular store for clothing and sewing materials.

JACOB RAUBERT JEWELRY STORE was on the west side of Cavin Street. It had a large clock hanging in front of the store. Mr. Raubert was a watchmaker and engraver. He also sold fine china and silver flatware.

Ligonier Circa 1899

Location: East 3rd Street
Artist: Kelly Meredith
Completed: 2009
Sponsors: Rex Hagen Family Foundation