Residents of Ligonier and the surrounding area have been offered the services of several outstanding dentists over the years.

In 1937 Dr. Richard Stoelting began his dental practice in Ligonier.  He left the practice temporarily in 1942 to serve in the military in which he received a Bronze Star.  He resumed his practice in Ligonier until 1983.

Robert Alber, D.D.S., started his practice in Ligonier in 1948.  He treated dental patients in the area until he was killed by a drunk driver in 1970.  A dental scholarship in his name to the IU Dental School has been received by several local dentists.

Practicing since 1971 (with the exception of a three year sabbatical) Dr. Richard Brown enjoys the relationship and friendship with employees and patients that is possible when serving in a small community.  He has treated four generations of some families.  He has been involved in Haiti and Belize doing short term mission dental services.  His son, Dr. Peter Brown, has been working with him since 1992.

Dr. Bruce Dragoo returned to Ligonier in 1978 after living here for four years as a child.  A few years after being in practice he purchased the old State Police Post at Triangle Park where he continues to serve Ligonier and the surrounding area.

Ligonier Dentists

Location: South Cavin Street
Artist: Robert A. Hudson
Completed: 2007
Sponsors: Bruce W. Dragoo, D.D.S., Mrs. Dorothy Stoelting, Mrs. Jean Alber Ferrari, The office of Doctor Brown