This little school was built in 1876 to educate children from 1st grade to 12th grade. The gymnasium was on the 3rd floor.  Eleven proud graduates were in the first graduating class.  As population grew in Ligonier, the school added wings on each side to accommodate more students. This was done in 1911.  By 1900 there were 2,200 residents including Jewish families.  In 1928, the school was again remodeled.  The top floor was removed and a large addition to the north added for a gymnasium on the lower level and classrooms above.  There were matching stairways at each end with shrubberies on each side of the stairs and along the walkway to the two entrance doors and one on the south and one on the north. It was then known as the Ligonier High School. As a note, this little school was not the first school built. The very first school was built in 1837 on the property now occupied by the Ligonier Carnegie Library on Main Street. It was the only school in the area at that time and the teachers there worked for their room and board.

Ligonier School House

Location: 321 S. Cavin
Artist: Peggy Tassler
Completed: 2009
Sponsors: Noble County Community Foundation