On December 9, 1943 the new Indiana State Police post was dedicated on land donated by the citizens of Ligonier. The Ligonier Post was the district headquarters, with seven counties under their jurisdiction. Ligonier Police Post also had sub-posts in Ft. Wayne and Angola, plus, at one time handled most of the State Police work for the Indiana Toll Road.

More radio traffic was handled by the Ligonier State Police Post than any other post in the state. The Ligonier Post had very high standards. A frequent saying in Indianapolis was, “If you want it done right, send it to Ligonier”.

In 1982 the Ligonier Post was closed and moved west to Bremen with the final radio transmission at 8:00 a.m. on May 27, 1982. The post was torn down several years later and the McDonald’s Restaurant now sits on the site, which is approximately ½ mile south of the Ligonier Visitors Center and Heritage Station.

The 320 foot tower, which stood behind the post and served the area for many years, was dismantled and taken 1 mile north of Ligonier where its blinking red light can still be seen.

Ligonier State Police Post

Location: Corner of Cavin St. and Third St.
Artist: Kelly Meredith
Completed: 2011
Sponsors: Jenny Thompson Foundation