The Lyon and Greenleaf Mill was established in Wauseon, Ohio, in 1866 with the purpose of supplying flour to the Union army during the Civil War. In 1885, Marcus Lyon and his son, Arthur, moved to Ligonier, purchased the land between the New York Central railroad track and the Elkhart River and began constructing the mill. In July 1886, the first wheat shipments began rolling in to the facility.

The flour production capacity of the plant was originally 300 barrels (58,800 lbs.) per day.  The production today is 800,000 lbs. per day.  The Ligonier mill generated all its own power with a 150,000 watt and a50,000 watt coal-fired generator. At one time (during night time hours when the mill was not running) they sold electricity to the city of Ligonier for its street lights.

In 1929, Lyon and Greenleaf sold the generating plant to Indiana & Michigan Electric Company.  Items made from the flour produced by the mill included cookies, cakes, donuts, crackers, ice cream cones, pretzels and licorice.

Star of the West of Frankenmuth, Mich. purchased the assets of the Ligonier plant of Lyon & Greenleaf Co. Inc., in June 1987.

Ken Schuman, the present plant manager, is the great-great grandson of Marcus Lyon.

Lyon and Greenleaf

Location: West 2nd Street
Artist: Peggy Tassler
Completed: 2010
Sponsors: Ligonier Merchants