Ray Mathew and Dick Mathew were owners of the store located at 313 S. Cavin St. It was originally called a “five and dime” store. It was a version of Alco with a soda fountain as Marge Kavanaugh – daughter of Dick Mathew, describes it. There was also a whole candy counter where you had to walk around several times before making a choice!  The store was right next door to the Crystal Theater, so it became a hangout after the movie. Movie tickets were 25 cents and the popcorn there was amazing and only ten cents.

Ligonier High School had an open lunch hour and many of the students went to the M & M Store for hot dogs, barbecued beef sandwiches and toasted cheese. You could get a nickel Coke flavored with cherry, lemon or chocolate – also milk shakes and banana splits….foot long pretzels were a penny. In the 50’s, Ligonier had no fast food restaurants – just the M & M, Anderson’s Drive In, Crossroads and Lauers’ Truck Stop.

The store was sold in the late 60s to a Mr. Leedy, then later it was the Bucket & Brush followed by Edgell’s Pizza Shack and now Leti’s.

The M & M Store along with the other establishments mentioned are all Legends of Ligonier.

M&M Store

Location: West 2nd Street
Artist: Peggy Tassler
Completed: 2010
Sponsors: Ligonier Merchants