In the 1930’s and 1940’s everyone looked forward to Saturday night. The stores downtown were open late and everyone went to town to shop for groceries. The kids would meet their friends and walk around together or go to the movies at the Crystal Theater.

It was a fun get-together time. Cars parked at an angle at that time and people were known to park their car in the afternoon to have a good parking place. From the theater, just across the street (where Dr. Brown’s office is now) young people went to the Philadelphia Candy Kitchen, owned and operated by Charlie Andrews. The booths and floors were shiny and clean, a nickelodeon provided music for a nickel and people could dance.  Sodas and sandwiches were available and the candy counter was full.

In the winter Charlie had everyone well-disciplined to remove their snowy boots and leave them by the door. He welcomed all the boys as they came home from the service on furlough. After a basketball game the “Phil” was packed with teenagers.

Saturday Night in Ligonier

Location: 312 Cavin Street Alley
Artist: Robert A. Hudson
Completed: October 2009
Sponsors: Noble County Community Foundation