Otto L. Schrock and son Walter Schrock formed Schrock’s Flowers in 1938.  In time, they had 14 large greenhouses which was 45,000 sq. ft. of space. Their business was raising flowers for customers within a 50 mile radius of Ligonier. They had an office, a retail store, a wholesale store as well as FTD service. They rented out candelabras and other supplies for weddings and parties.

Schrock’s Flowers furnished standing wire baskets of flowers for customers asking them to be placed at the cemetery.  They watered the baskets through the summer; and in the fall, took them back to the greenhouse and when spring arrived filled them again with plants. They were also responsible for planting flowers around the fountain in Triangle Park. Local people working at the greenhouses included Kenny and Mary Smith, Dewey Biddle, Jim Wallace, Hap Vanette, Ralph Rex, Ed Stoner, Bob Heyback and Dale Sperry.

In 1969, Dale Sperry bought the flower shop only and in time the greenhouses were torn down.

Schrock’s Flowers

Location: West 2nd Street
Artist: Peggy Tassler
Completed: 2010
Sponsors: Ligonier Merchants