Solomon Mier was born September 15, 1833 at Kerchberg, Germany and came to America, settling in Auburn, Ind.  Mr. Mier and Frederick Straus came to Ligonier in 1854.  They were peddlers selling spices from packs on their backs.  They decided that Ligonier would be a good place to stay because of the river and road known as the “Huntington-White Pigeon” road.  This road was busy (now S.R. 5) and was highly traveled.  Also, the railroad was being built to connect New York and Chicago with a stop in Ligonier.

During the next four years, Mr. Mier, through his estate buying and excellent business ability, built up an enormous retail trade and established a bank named the Banking House of Solomon Mier.  He also began to deal in real estate.  He built the first three-story building in Ligonier.  During his later years Mr. Mier had interests in various enterprises among which was the Mier Carriage and Buggy Company and was assisted by his son A.B. Mier.  Solomon Mier died February 20, 1910.  The Carriage and Buggy Company was one of Ligonier’s largest employers.  Mr. Mier build approximately 11-13 Mier automobiles called the “Runabout” in this building.

Solomon Mier

Location: West 3rd Street
Artist: Jeff Haylett
Completed: 2008
Sponsors: Dekko Foundation