The Tyler Tank Oil Company originated when Elias Tyler purchased the City Oil Wagon from L.G. Cooper in September 1907. After his father died in 1909, Ed Tyler continued to drive the wagon and it from his mother in 1919 and continued to drive it until 1923.  At this time he sold the business to Mr. Ed Crockett and went to work for the Topeka Home Oil Company owned by Kempp and Leming of Topeka.  Tyler worked for this company for five years, and in 1928 he bought the Bulk Plant from the Topeka Home Oil Company.  He then delivered kerosene to residents in Ligonier and the surrounding area with his tanker, which was pulled by a horse.

Tyler Tank Oil Company

Location: Lincolnway West
Artist: Robert A. Hudson
Completed: 2009
Sponsors: Erica & Bill Lapham